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Can someone help me with these 2 questions please? thanks!! :)
1. Why did President Madison veto a bill that supported government funding of internal improvements? (1 point)
The Second Bank of the United States did not have enough money to pay for the improvements.
Turnpike tolls collected enough money to finance all of the improvements needed.
Madison believed states should pay for their own improvements.
Construction of the National Road was already complete.
2. During the early 1800s, South Carolina improved transportation by building (1 point)
the National Road.
dirt roads and horse paths.
canals and ferries.
rivers and ports.

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    Well, I would pick:

    " Madison believed states should pay for their own improvements. "

    but really he did not believe that the Constitution gave the federal government the power to fund infrastructure. That is not quite the same.

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    Now I suspect the "correct" answer to the second question is canals, see this :https://www.sc.edu/uscpress/books/2010/3867x.pdf
    However South Carolina was also building other types of road at the time. South Carolina was not part of the National Road though.

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    The answers are as follows:
    1.(listed as 1., here) C
    2. A
    3.(listed as 2., here) C

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    Thanks A Spycrab.. I got a 100%

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    Thank I got a 100

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    yeah thanks i got a 100 too

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