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Physics AP

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A conical pendulum is formed by attaching a 50 g mass to a 1.2m string. The mass swings around a circle of radius 25cm. A claculate the speed of the mass. B Calculate the acceleration of the mass. C calculate the tension in the string

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    cos φ=0.25/1.2 =0.208 => φ=78°
    sinφ=0.98, tan φ=4.7.

    x: ma=Tcosφ
    y: 0=Tsinφ-mg
    Tcosφ= mv²/R
    Tsinφ/Tcosφ= mgR/ mv²
    tanφ= gR/v²
    v=sqrt{gR/tanφ}=sqrt(9.8•0.25/4.7) =0.72 m/s
    a= v²/R=0.72²/0.25=2.1 m.s²
    T=mg/sinφ=0.05•9.8/0.98 = 0.5 N

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