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1. Into which political unit is the world primarily organized

A. International Organizations
B. Limited Governments
C. Regional Organizations
D. Nation-States

3. One main purpose of government is to

A. maintain order and security for citizens.
B. hold meetings for citizens to discuss issues.
C. set up elections for citizens to vote on issues and elect representatives.
D. tell citizens which candidates and issues to support.

5. Nation-states mostly use constitutions to

A. set election laws.
B. organize government.
C. list citizens' responsibilities.
D. resolve disputes with other nations.

7. Which of these factors has least shaped the American political identity?

A. a strong belief in overall social welfare
B. widespread support for individual rights
C. a tradition of volunteerism in the community
D. centuries of immigration and diversity

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    Your answers?

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    Sorry my answer were 1. D 3.A 5.B 7. D

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    what is your thinking? I will give you one...the first...nation states

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    I agree with the first three. I'm not sure about the last one as to whether it is C or D.

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    7 is wrong, that is a big factor in shaping US political identity.

    others correct.

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    Yes, without immigration, the U.S. wouldn't have been what it is today.

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    ok so 7 is C

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    so its D

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    No, it isn't D. It is C.

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    ok thank you so much

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    You're welcome.

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    What is the answer

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    So what is number 5? Is it to Organize Government?

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    can someone give me all the anwsers

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    for this test

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