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Thank you for the answer now I understand. For the next question I made a mistake this is the question elli has two 8 and 1/2 pound bags of mints. She plans to put 1/12 pound at each place setting. Will she have enough mints? She has 256 guests I think that means 256 place setting? Sorry about the no complete question before. Can I ask another problem? It is the same 256 guests. The question is that the school colors are blue and white. She has 84 blue balloons and 96 white balloons . How many balloon bouquets can she make if she wants to have the same number of each color in each bouquet and use all of her balloons? Thank you so much !! PLEASE help with the other questions . I can breath now.

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    2bags * 8.5Lbs/bag = 17 Lbs of mints.
    17/(1/12) = 17 * 12/1=204 Place setting.
    256-204 = 52 Short.

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    wait what does short mean?

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    8 1/2 x 2 = 17 because the problem says he has two 8 1/2 pound bags.

    You have to divide because she's dividing them in sections.

    17/1/12 = 204 and since there are 256 children there is not enough.

    The answer is No, she is 52 mints short.

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