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This is my homework assignment, and this isn't the real problem. I made this one up. so you could walk me through the steps so I can do the real problem!!
Thank you(:

What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (3/2 , -2) and (-3, 7/3).

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    slope = (difference in the y values)/(difference in the x values), make sure you subract in the "same direction"

    slope = (-2 - 7/3)/(3/2 - (-3)
    = (-6/3 - 7/3)/(3/2 + 6/2)
    =(-13/3) / (9/2)
    = (-13/3)(2/9) = -26/27

    by subtracting in the same direction ....
    we could have done:
    slope = (7/3 - (-2)) / (-3 - 3/2)
    and obtain exactly the same anwer

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    Thank you so much Reiny I finally understand (: it means a lot!

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