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Sugar comes in 2 pound bags and flour comes in 5 lb bags. Thomas bought 3 more bag of sugar than flour and the total weight was 48 pounds. How many bags of sugar and flour did Thomas buy?

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    if there are x bags of flour, then

    2(x+3) + 5x = 48

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    Thanks so much!!

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    Ok, now this is a question I was looking for.

    So, I have the answer choices, so I know what to do.
    A) 9 bags of sugar and 10 bags of flour.
    Sugar is 2 pounds. So 9X2= 18
    Flour is 5 pounds, which is 10X5=50
    50+18=68 That is not 48 pounds. Moving on.
    B) 4 bags of sugar and 8 bags of flour.
    We know the drill, so let's go!
    Yay! B is correct. There is your answer. Hope this helped!

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