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Suppose some natural disaster occurs and a species of finch is forced to relocate from its original island where it dined on cactus flowers to an adjacent island with many fewer cacti but an overabundance of orchids. What would be the immediate consequences to the species in the first month of the change?

A. the species would change its eating habits to feed on orchids.

B. all of the members of the species would make do with the existing cacti on their new island.

C. the entire species would go extinct.

D. most of the members of the species would die but some would survive.

Study the image of the fossil shown below. How might a scientist use this fossil to learn more about the history of life on Earth?

connexus dot com/content/media/917517-4162013-72829-PM-1012149111.jpg

A. to compare structures in the fossil with homologous structures in other vertebrates.

B. to look for vestigial structures in the fossil and compare them with functioning structures in living organisms.

C. to examine the fossil for evidence of the stages of embryological development of the animal to compare to development of living animals.

D. to determine the mineral content of the fossil and compare it with that of other fossils.

My answers: D, A

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    It's D because Charles Darwin had a theory while studying them on the Galapagos Island that even though lived in the same places, their beaks were fully different from each other because the beaks were acquired for the food their were eating. If this happened, then in the first month many of the finches wouldn't adjust and die but few will adjust and have offspring that will have beaks specially for that too.

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