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Grade 8 Math

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A garden will be made up of a parallelogram, a rectangle and a triangle. The garden must have
an area of 500m2. Draw two possible gardens. Determine the dimensions of each part of the
garden, and justify your choice of these dimensions.

  • Grade 8 Math -

    a rectangle 10x10
    a right triangle with legs 20 and 20
    a parallelogram with base 20 and height 10

    area: 100+200+200

    I'm sure you can come up with other scenarios.

  • Grade 8 Math -

    Length = 20m
    Width = 20m
    Area = 200m2

    An isosceles triangle
    Base = 25m
    Height = 16m
    Area = 200m2

    Base: 25m
    Height: 4m
    Area = 100m2

    Total Area = 200m2 + 200m2 + 100m2 = 500m2.

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    Oh, so all we need to do is make combinations, so that all the area adds up to 500m2. Thank you Steve and Aryan!

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    Yes, thank you!

  • Grade 8 Math -

    Yes, no problem at all. Your very welcome, and thank you!

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