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1. If triangle RST = triangle NPQ, which of the following is true?
A.) ÚR = ÚP
B.) ÚR = ÚQ
C.) ÚT = ÚP
D.) ÚT = ÚQ <----- My Answer!

2. Given triangle RST = triangle NPQ, RT = 7x - 5, NQ = 5x + 11, find the length of RT and NQ.
A.) 8
B.) 51 <----- My Answer!
C.) 40
D.) 56

3. Triangle TIC is an isosceles triangle with a vertex angle I. If ÚI = 140‹, then find the measure of ÚT.
A.) 20‹
B.) 40‹
C.) 60‹ <---- My Answer!
D.) 25‹

4. All isosceles right triangles are congruent.
A.) True <---- My Answer!
B.) False

***Please check my answers and tell my the correct answer if wrong.***

  • math (please help)! -

    #1. ok
    #2. ok
    #3. The angles sum to 180, so
    If <I = 140, then <U+<T = 40
    Since <U = <T, <T = 20
    How did you ever get 60? 140+60 = 200, greater than 180, even without <U!

    #4. False
    They have two equal sides, but can vary wildly in shape. Since their angles need not be equal, they need not be congruent. Even if their two equal sides are the same, the vertex angle can be different, making them not congruent.

  • math (please help)! -

    it is all wrong! srry bud

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