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A random sample of 50 students chosen from an elementary school with 400 students was found to have a mean allowance of $26 per week with a standard deviation of $8. Obtain a 98% confidence interval for the total amount of allowance money given to students in this school per week.

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    26-2.33*8/sqrt((50)), 26+ 2.33*8/sqrt((50)),

    = ( , ) ?

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    That's what I originally did but it's not one of the correct answers

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    [ 23.37, 28.63]

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    $9,531 to $11,269

    $9,347 to $11,453

    $10,028 to $10,772

    $9,414 to $11,386

    Are my multiple choice

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    mean 26(400) = $10400

    Standard deviation = 8(400) = 3200
    10400-+ 2.3263*3200/sqrt(50))

    [$9,347, 11,453]

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    Thank you so much !

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