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Physics Important please

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A yo-yo of mass m rests on the floor (the static friction coefficient with the floor is mu ). The inner (shaded) portion of the yo-yo has a radius R-1 , the two outer disks have radii R-2 . A string is wrapped around the inner part. Someone pulls on the string at an angle Beta (see sketch). The "pull" is very gentle, and is carefully increased until the yo-yo starts to roll without slipping.
For what angles of beta will the yo-yo roll to the left and for what angles to the right?
a) Yo-Yo rolls to the left if sin beta<R-1/R_2 , and to the right if sin beta> R_1/R_2.
b)Yo-Yo rolls to the left if sin beta>R-1/R_2 , and to the right if sin beta<R_1/R_2
c)yo- yo rolls to the left if cos beta< R_1/R_2 and to the right if cos beta>R_1/R-2
d)yo yo rolls to the left if cosbeta>R_1/R_2 and to the right if cosbeta< R_1/R_2 .

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    The reason I am not answering is that without a drawing I find the question incomprehensible.

  • Physics Important please -

    Hi Damon,
    R_1 is inner radius and R_2 is outer radius of yo yo which looks like concentric circle and beta is the angle in right side of that yo yo. I hope this will help to complete the question. I don't know how to draw image here.

  • Physics Important please -

    Hi, Damon I got it. Thank you

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