U.S. and Global economics; involving math problems

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I've been working on this problem for "hours" and I can't quite figure out how to solve it; can anyone help plzzz? I would appreciate it. :)

Two college students went on spring break to Guadalajara, Mexico. One took the vacation in 2002, while the other went in 2006. Each student had $500 to spend. In 2002, the exchange rate of MXN/USD (Mexican pesos to U.S. dollars) was 9. In 2006, the exchange rate was 11. A hotel room in Guadalajara cost 200 pesos per night in 2002, and 220 pesos in 2006. If each spent five nights in a hotel, which student had more pesos left over? Exactly how many did that student have?

  • U.S. and Global economics; involving math problems -

    9 * 500 = 4,500 pesos
    5 * 200 = 1,000
    4,500 - 1,000 = 3,500 pesos left

    11 * 500 = 5,500 pesos
    5 * 220 = 1,100
    5,500 - 1,100 = 4,400 pesos left

  • U.S. and Global economics; involving math problems -


  • U.S. and Global economics; involving math problems -

    You're welcome.

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