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What is the magnitude of the net electrostatic force a Boron nucleus would experience at the point halfway between the Magnesium nucleus and the 3e charge on the y axis in N?

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    q₁ = 3 e,
    q₂ = 12e,
    q₃ = 5e
    The electric field at the midpoint is
    E= kq₂/(x/2)²- kq₁/(x/2)²=
    =k(12e-3e)/(x/2)² =k36e/x² (directed to the 3e charge)
    F= q₃E=k36e•5e/x²=
    k =9•10⁹ N•m²/C²,
    e =1.6•10⁻¹⁹ C,
    x is the distance between 3e and 12e

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