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Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai)

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1. Graph each equation. Tell whether the equation represents a function.

a. y = (x - 2)^2 - 1
b. x + y = 6
c. y = |x| -3
d. y = x^2 + 1

How am I supposed to graph these?

2. For each function, determine whether the given points are on the graph.

a. y = 7x - 2; (1, 5) and (2, 10)

  • Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai)--Please, help me! -

    Can anyone help me?

  • Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai) -

    make a table of values for each, plot the points and join them with smooth curves for the 1st and last.
    The 1st and last are parabolas, the first has a vertex at (2,-1), the last one has a vertex at (0,1)
    Both open up

    the other two are linear , that is, straight lines, but
    the y = |x| -3 lies all above the x-axis
    I suggest graphing y = x , then reflecting the part which falls below the x-axis in the x-axis then moving the curve down by 3 units

    One of my favourite webpages, simply change the equation for the others.

  • correction - Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai) -

    The line
    " the y = |x| - 3 lies all above the x-axis" is not correct,
    should have said
    "the y = |x| - 3 lies all above -3 "

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