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Find the slope of the lines that are (a) parallel lines (b) perpendicular lines to the lines passing through the pair of points (3, 4)(2,-1)

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    Find the slope of the line joining your two given points (you should know how to do that)

    A line parallel will have the same slope

    A line perpendicular will have a slope which is the negative reciprocal of the given slope

    let me know what you get

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    Slope is 5
    Parallel is 5 or 1/5
    Perpendicular is -5

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    your slope of the given line is correct as 5

    Then a parallel line also has a slope of 5

    a perpendicular line will have slope of -1/5

    your statement of
    "Parallel is 5 or 1/5" is illogical.

    same for " perpendicular is -5" , makes no sense to me.
    Perpendicular is a property, -5 is a quantity
    That is like saying " funny is -5"

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