Math Can someone check my answers ?

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What is the surface area of a circle that has a diameter of 14 inches?

A. 49.86 in2

B. 153.86 in2

C. 196.86 in2

D. 616.86 in2


  • Math Can someone check my answers ? -

    B looks ok to me but that looks like too many significant figures for the data you posted.

  • Math Can someone check my answers ? -

    thats what my teacher gave me so it right ?

  • Math Can someone check my answers ? -

    Are you sure it's "surface area" and it's "circle"? Because usually if the shape is 2D, the term is 'area' only.

    If it's "area of a circle" only,
    A,circle = pi*r^2
    A,circle = 153.9 in^2 (closest to letter B)

    If it's "surface area of a sphere",
    SA,sphere = 4*pi*r^2
    SA,sphere = 615.8 in^2 (closest to D)

    hope this helps :3

  • Math Can someone check my answers ? -

    yes i double checked with my teacher n the question is right

  • Math Can someone check my answers ? -

    Jai is right. Surface area confused me too but I assumed area since a one dimensional circle must be area.

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