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Algebra 1

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Can Someone Check My Answer

The table shows the amount of money (in dollars) spent by a household on plants and flowers for certain years. Describe the rates of change in the number of dollars spent during the time period.

Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Amount 127 134 139 137 136
Spent (dollars)

I got:

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    The changes were
    7 5 -2 -1

    The average for the whole period is (7+5-2-1)/4 = 9/4 or $2.25/year

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    how to figure out charts and domains

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    general questions on topics can best be addressed by careful study of the relevant material, both in your text and online. Broad essays on general topics aren't a productive use of tutors' time, so you probably won't get much help on such a request.

    Once you get stuck on a particular item, state the question clearly so a correct answer can be provided.

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