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In the formation of smog, nitrogen and oxygen gas react to form nitrogen dioxide:
N2(g)+2O2(g)→2NO2(g)How many grams of NO2 will be produced when 2.1L of nitrogen at 840mmHg and 28∘C are completely reacted?
I know that you use the equation n=PV/RT to get the number of moles of nitrogen. What I am stuck on is getting the moles of NO2

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    Look at the coefficients in the balanced equation. With those you can convert mols of anything you HAVE in the equation to anything you WANT in the equation.
    mols N2 x (2 mol NO2/1 mol N2) = mols N2 x 2/1 = ? mols NO2.

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    When I solved the equation I got 3.1 grams of NO2. That isn't the correct answer. What did I do wrong?

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    I don't know. My crystal ball is cloudy tonight. :-)
    If you will post your work I will find the error.

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    now you just need to multiply 3.1 by two= 6.2 is the answer... because there two mole of NO2 on one mole of N2

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