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A short-term goal is one that can be achieved quickly, in days or weeks. The satisfaction of reaching a short-term goal can encourage you to work on long-term goals. Think about some of the factors involved in developing an action plan for a short-term goal.

1). Name a short-term goal that is related to your health. Why is reaching this goal important to you?

A: A short-term goal of mine is to not consume wheat, as it affects me mentally, for a short period of time. This goal is significant to me because it will help me to be able to resist it.

2). What influence will help you and what influences will hinder you as you work toward your goal?

A: Different foods in which are healthier yet still delicious I believe will help me. Although, I believe wheat itself will hinder me , as it is an temptation, as I strive to achieve my goal.

3). How will you track your progress? Is it necessary to have milestones for a short-term goal? Explain.

A: I will track my progress by the use of an action plan. Therefore, I do believe it is necessary to possess milestones for a short-term goal because, in this way, you will be more motivated by the small steps, whereas, if you did not possess them, you would most likely be overwhelmed by the need to achieve your goal at once.

4). How are you planning to reward yourself when you reach your goal? How will the reward encourage you to continue the positive behaviors that led you to achieve this goal?

A: I will most likely reward myself by hiking or enabling myself to eat something that is healthy yet as equally delicious. Therefore, these rewards will encourage me to continue the positive behaviors that led me to achieve my goal as these rewards will remind me of what I am now able to do with a clear mind?

5). When you reach your goal, how do you plan to evaluate the entire process? Will achieving this goal influence how you set your future goal?

A: When I reach my goal, I intend to evaluate the entire process by pondering about how large of an amount of difficulties and temptation I encountered, so I can then decide of whether to set another short-term goal or to begin a longer one. Achieving this goal, however, would definitely influence how I would set my future goals as I will gain a further understanding of what I am capable of.

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    Ms. Sue?

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    Very good, as usual.

    I'm not gluten intolerant, but I've found some cookies and rolls that happen to be gluten free that are absolutely delicious. You might reward yourself with treats like this.

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    Yes. Thank you very much.

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