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1). State how each of the six risk behaviors could affect one of your goals.

A: Each of the six risk factors could affect my goal of becoming an actress immensely. Drug and alcohol use, poor dietary problems, and tobacco use could harm my physical health, making me unable to perform to my fullest ability. Sedentary lifestyle could cause me to becoming physically inactive, which would make me unable to perform my own stunts as well as receive certain roles in which require a particular image. Sexual activity would cause me to become pregnant during high school, which I would most likely wouldn't be able to complete, which means that I would be unable to attend a college to study acting.
Behaviors that cause injury, however, could keep me from reaching my goal entirely as this type of behavior would most likely led to my death.

2). Which response above is a good example of a refusal skill?

(Responses above are, "Do you have to do what everyone else does?" and "Okay, just this one.")

A: "Do you have to do what everyone else does?" is an excellent example of a refusal skill.

3). Change the bad example of a refusal skill into a good refusal example of a refusal skill.

(The "bad example of a refusal skill" is "Okay, just this once," and the example of pressure states "Don't you want to know what it's like?")

A: "I do not want to know what it is like to receive an STD, become pregnant, or live with memories I'd rather forget."

4). Use a refusal skill to fill in a response for item 3.

(Item 3 is an example of pressure in which states, "Please, do it for me.")

A: "No, I don't want to!"

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