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a great dress is on the discount rack and you would love it for prom. the rack is marked 25%off the lowest price and you have a coupon for an extra 15% off. if the dress is marked $125, how much will you pay for it?

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    What would be your answer after all these problems?

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    Come on, Taylor. You can do this.

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    ok is it 75

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    No. Please try again.

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    idk im lost

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    What is your first step?

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    1. Multiply the original price by 0.25.

    2. Subtract your answer from 125.

    What do you get?

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    Ok u should just add the per cents and u would get 40% so 40 in a decimal is 0.4 and divide that by 125 and u would get 36.25 so u would pay $36.25

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    No, Mia. You're wrong. Your answer is way off.

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