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why was "supply and demand" the most important law governing human behavior?

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    When? Where?

    What evidence do you have that the statement is true?

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    in between 1800-1900 everywhere.
    And the Supply and Demand states is summarized as; The higher the price is on a product, the less people will buy it. However, the less the price is, the more people would pay for the product.

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    I don't think that supply and demand was the most important law governing human behavior in the 19th century. What evidence do you have to support that statement?

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    Well say you were applying into a college but you had 15 choices to choice from. However, you had to limit the choices to 5 due to expenses and how far it was from home. So you apply into all 5 colleges and you only get into 1 of those 5 colleges. You go to the college but later on had to leave because you didn't have enough money to finish the school year. Then you go into a different college so you can be a teacher, after you graduate it later on leads to a job as a teacher teaching in front of students. Then it leads to living in a place of your own, then it could lead to finding your fiancé, then that could lead to having a child and so on. What I am really trying to say here is that supply and demand could change your life.

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    Mark? Leonardo? Why the two names?

    Yes, supply and demand could change a person's life. But that's not the same as saying that s and d was the most important law governing human behavior. To begin with, very few people went to college in the 19th century.

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    That is not me that was a different person answering your question.
    And oh ok that makes sense, but today people do.

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    I am dearly sorry for the name confusion. My sister Suzan, and my brother Leonardo, and I are sharing a computer for this website. Mark is a person I do not know but he is the guy who answered your question for my statement of why I think supply and demand was the most important of law governing.

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