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Use linear approximation to estimate the amount of paint in cubic centimeters needed to apply a coat of paint 1/100cm thick to a hemispherical dome with a radius of 18 meters.

I tried it but I keep getting the wrong answer.Here's what I did below:

V = ⁴/₃πr³
A = 4πr²

radius = 18m
0.01cm = 0.0001m
A = 4π(18)² 4071.504079= m²
Volume = 4071.504079m² x 0.0001m = .40715m³ or 40715cm³

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    Problem of units conversion.
    0.4071504079 m³
    =0.4071504079×10^6 cm³
    =407150 cm³ approximately.

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    I tried that answer and it still was incorrect

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