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The reaction is Br2 (g) <---> 2Br (g).
It occurs at T = 1600 C.
When 1.05 mol Br2 are placed in a 2 Liter flask, 2.50% of Br2 undergoes dissociation. Calculate the Kp for the reaction.

Okay so i did the ICE table for this,
Br2 (g) <---> 2Br (g)
I : 1.05/2 ..... 0
C : -x ......... 2x
E : (1.05/2) - x .... 2x
But I don't know what to do next..
Please help and thank you in advance.

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    Where did the 1.05/2 come from? Does that reflect the 2.5%? If so shouldn't it be 1.05*0.025 = 0.02625?
    ......Br2(g) ==> 2Br(g)

    The E line uses mols; use PV = nRT to calculate p, the substitute into Kp expression and solve for Kp.

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    I've used too many significant figures so you need to go through the estimates I've made with that in mind.

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