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1). Why might Finland worry about nuclear power in Russia?

A: ?

2). What was Russia's unemployment rate in 1998?

A: Russia's unemployment rate was 13.5 % (or 13%?) in 1998?

3). What might account for the dip in life expectancy for Russian men?

A: ?

4). How does male life expectancy in Russia differ from world trade?

A: ?

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    1). Think about the Finland's location in relation with Russia.

    2). OK

    3). I have no idea.

    4). This question makes no sense.

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    4). "How does male life expectancy in Russia differ from world trade?"

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    2). Which is the correct answer: 13.5% or 13%?

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    3). Could the decrease in life expectancy for Russian men possibly be due to famines and persecutions caused by the Soviet Union?

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    2). I'd use 13.5%

    3). That would depend upon the time period that this decrease in life expectancy occurred. Was it possibly between 1938 and 1945?

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    3). No, it was between 1990 and 2000.

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    " Many factors appear to be operating simultaneously, including economic and social instability, high rates of tobacco and alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, depression, and deterioration of the health care system. Problems in data quality and reporting appear unable to account for these findings. "

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    1). Finland might worry about nuclear power in Russia because, as Russia possesses a large amount of nuclear reactors, Finland is located closely in relation to Russia?

    4). *Correction: How does male life expectancy in Russia differ from world trends?

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    1). Right.

    4). Check this site. Note that Russia is ranked number 130. Is this better or worse than the world average?

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    4). I am uncertain. Is it worse than the world average?

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    Thank you.

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    You're welcome.

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