Fluid Mechanics

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Consider the 2D, incompressible, steady flow between parallel walls, the bottom wall is stationary and the top one is moving at a constant velocity Uw. The pressure is constant.
Assuming the flow is fully developed (i.e. independent of x), we can write ∂/∂x≡0. We will also assume that the flow has parallel streamlines so that the y-velocity component is zero. The x-component of the velocity field is then linear and given by


Your answers to the questions below can only depend on x, y, h, Uw. In the answer box, use Uw to denote Uw.

1) Using the x- and y-momentum equations, derive the expression for the viscous term fτ.


3) Write the expression for the vorticity (ωz).

Is the flow rotational or irrotational?

4) Write the expressions for the strain rate components.


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