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For a scene in a movie, a stunt driver drives a 1.50×10^3kg SUV with a length of 4.00m around a circular curve with a radius of curvature of 0.333 km. The vehicle is to be driven off the edge of a gully 10.0 m wide, and land on the other side 2.96 m below the initial side.

What is the minimum centripetal acceleration the SUV must have in going around the circular curve to clear the gully and land on the other side?

This is how I attempted the problem: please tell me what I did wrong.

y = 1/2*g*t^2 or t= sqrt(2*y/g) = sqrt(2*2.96/9.80) = 0.777s

So the speed needed to cross the gully is vx = x/t = 10.0m/0.777s = 12.87m/s

Now the centripetal acceleration would be v^2/r = 12.87^2/333m= 0.497m/s^2

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    Nevermind, I realized my mistake. I forgot to add the length of the SUV (4.00 m) to 10.0 m.

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