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1). What were some of the objects traded or transported over the Silk Road?

A: Some of the objects traded of transported included silk, gold, silver, ivory, jade, wine, spices, amber, linen, porcelain, grapes, perfumes, ostriches, and acrobats.

2). Why have some people suggested that a new Great Game is beginning in Central Asia?

A: Some people have suggested that a new "Great Game" is beginning due to the discoveries of oil and gas reserves, as nations all over the world begin to compete for profits from the region's resources.

3). What was the cause of the Great Game?

A: The struggle between the two empires, Great Britain and the Russian Empire, was the cause of the Great Game.

4). What impact has Soviet nuclear testing had in Central Asia?

A: Soviet nuclear testing has impacted Central Asia as it caused widespread health problems and long-lasting, harmful effects of radiation.

5).What are two important unifying forces in Central Asia?

A: Two significant unifying forces in Central Asia are Islam and Turkish?

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    They're all right except I don't know about Turkish for number 5.

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