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Which sentence includes an adjectival phrase?

a. The American chameleon, a type of lizard, can change colors to blend with the environment.
b. The fastest land mammals, cheetahs, reach speeds in excess of 65 miles per hour.
c. The length of a person's forearm can often be used to identify the person's shoe size.
d. She took her article to Mr. Maple, a newspaper editor.

I'm having some trouble on this.

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    There are three prepositional phrases that modify nouns and thus are adjective phrases.

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Yes. C has an adjectival phrase. B has two adjectival phrases.

    b. The fastest land mammals, cheetahs, reach speeds in excess of 65 miles per hour.

    in excess modifies speeds
    of 65 miles per hour modifies excess

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    So, both B and C would be acceptable?

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    And, isn't excess a noun in this case?

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    Yes, both B and C are correct. Excess is a noun.

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    And one more in B. per hour is an adjectival phrase modifying hour.

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