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a paved brick is 3x , 2x+2 , 5x-3 , 2x+2
find the perimeter of five bricks

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    can somebody help me with this problem plz

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    a brick only has 3 dimensions.
    Not sure what to do with the 4 values you give.

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    in my book it gives me that problem

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    i really need HELP with this

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    We can't help you because your problem appears to have an error.

    As you stated it, the problem can not be solved.

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    do you thin if i take out one of the 2x+2 what would the answer be different

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    This is Cayla's mom, it really has it in her book. This is one of those tricky answers hopefully...Thank you for helping us.

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    It's not a tricky answer. It's a mistake. Have Cayla check with her teacher about it.

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    Also, solids are not generally considered to have perimeters. They have volume and surface area.

    I guess the sum of the 12 edges could be considered a perimeter, but it's an unusual terminology.

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