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1. 5(x^2 +2x-6) - 3(2+x-x^2)

2. 2x^4-5x(x^3 -y) + 2y(5x)

3.Factor 2x^5+6x4+4x^3+12x^2

4. Factor 9y^2-18y +8

Please help. Thank you!!

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    5x^2+10x-30 - (6+3x-3x^2)

    2. do this the same way

    2x^2(x^3+3x^2 + 2x+6)
    now, by inspection, we have
    2x^2(x^2(x+3) + 2(x+3))
    to wind up with

    4. Looks like a difference of squares, but it's one off. So, tweak it a bit:
    9(y-1)^2 - 1^2

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