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Find the equilibrium constant for the reaction Cr(s) + Zn2+(aq)→Cr2+(aq) + Zn(s) if the standard cell emf is −0.76 V at the cathode and −0.91 V at the anode.
F= 0.025693 V

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    Cr(s) + Zn^2+(aq) ==> Cr^2+(aq) + Zn(s)
    Cr(s) ==> Cr^2+ + 2e E = 0.91
    Zn^2+ + 2e ==> -0.76
    Cr(s) + Zn^2+(aq) ==> Cr^2+(aq) + Zn(s)
    Ecell = 0.91 + (-0.76) = ?
    I don't get the significance of the RT/F = 0.025693 v.
    dG = -nEF = -RTlnK
    Substitute the numbers and calculate K.

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