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1). How did colonialism affect the development of democracy?

A: Colonialism affected the development of democracy as a government which was based upon colonialism censored the press, limited free speech, and punished dissent. It also discriminated against all who were not part of the Spanish ruling class. Elections were held, but there was never any doubt of who was in control. If the government was unable to control the people, the military would step in, seize power, and a new, harsher government known as a junta, which was operated by the generals. Therefore, colonialism seizes any form of power from the people, which is the exact opposite principle of democracy.

2). What are some of the goals of political reform in the region?

A: Some of the goals of political reform in the region include establishing constitutional government and to recognize and increase the role of women in politics.

3). Why was land reform necessary, and what was its purpose?

A: Land reform was necessary to spread wealth more fairly. Its main purpose was to give portions of the land to land-poor peasants farmers.

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