Math help please last question

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Solve the equation.

10. 2(4x -4) + 2(3x + 2) = 360

Can you please help me on this problem? Could you explain it please? I'm confused...

  • Math help please last question -

    2(4x -4) + 2(3x + 2) = 360

    8x - 8 + 6x + 4 = 360

    Take it from there. We'll be glad to check your answer.

  • Math help please last question -

    x = 26!!!

  • Math help please last question -

    Sorry I forgot to enter my name x is equal to 26.

    x = 26

  • Math help please last question -

    I have another problem:

    Solve this equation:

    $19.95 + $.99m + $65.32 = $144.67

    I swear this is the last question! I'm sorry I am asking so much, I just need a little help.

  • Math help please last question -

    Right. x = 26

  • Math help please last question -


  • Math help please last question -

    You're welcome.

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