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4xy(1/2y+3/2x)= ?

a. 2x + 6y
b. 2x + 12y
c. 4x + 6y
d. 4x + 12y
e. 4x - 12y

please answer and explain

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    4xy(1/2y + 3/2x)
    = 4xy( (y+3x)/2 )
    = 2xy(y+3x)
    = 2xy^2 + 6x^2y

    none of the choices
    I suspect a typo

    did you mean
    4xy(1/(2y) + 3/(2x) ) ?
    = 4xy( (x + 3)/(2xy) )
    = 2(x + 3y)
    = 2x + 6y

    looks like you did have a typo.

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    yes,4xy(1/(2y) + 3/(2x) )

    thank you

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    1/(2y) + 3/(2x) = x/(2xy) + 3y/(2xy) = (x+3y)/(2xy)

    and now it's easy, eh?

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