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Read “Witty Ticcy Ray” by Oliver

Summarize the main points of this reading.Possible points to reflect upon for your reflection paper and for workshop discussion are:

1)Ray has been diagnosed with Tourette’s Disorder, a neurological disorder which also appears in the DSM-5. How would you distinguish a mental disorder from a physical disorder? What challenges did Ray face that individuals with other mental disorders might face?

2)What does Ray mean when he says “Suppose you could take away the tics. What would be left? I consist of tics-there is nothing else.”?

3)How does Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, look beyond his biological/medical paradigm in his treatment of Ray?

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    answer the questions

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    WHAT? You want us to think for you? How will you ever get an education or maintain your self-respect if you turn over your thinking to strangers?

    I haven't read this article, but suggest you do so.

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