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1. Which of the following is strategies my best ensure a positive relationship with supervisor?

A. Answering any criticism concerning your job performance with a strongly worded defense

B. Gathering answers to any questions you may have regarding your duties by the following the actions of your coworkers )asking questions may give the impression that you don't know what your doing)

C. Acknowledge the fact that your supervisor has a lot of duties to attend to and he or she doesn't have a lot of time to answer the same question over and over

D. Correcting any behavior that's received negative feedback from your supervisor if it seems your in danger to you job.

2. Which of the following statements concerning nonverbal expression would be called the accurate?

A. Keeping your arms crossed as you speak to a patient implies that he or she has your full attention.

B. A stern or serious facial expression helps a patient understand that you make his her situation seriously.

C. Maintaining eye contact with someone can cause across as threating.

D. Showing up at work in old clothes and looking generally disheveled doesn't help put patients their trust in you.


3. When working with young children its helpful to remember that they

A. are helped most effectively with the aid of their family.

B. adapt to the patient role quiet readily.

C. resist and independence you may grant them .

D. let you know what they need through physical action



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    PLEASE ... go through and proofread what you posted. Some of this makes no sense at all.

  • Customer Service -

    Writeacher - I typed this straight from my study book and before I even came to this site I said the same thing

  • Customer Service -

    I know that these questions and answers don't make any sense but I typed them as they are from my study book and I have went over my book more than twice

    And thank you in advance

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    I agree with your answers.

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