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From the window of a building, a ball is tossed from a height y0 above the ground with an initial velocity of 8.20 m/s and angle of 23.0° below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 6.00 s later.
(a) If the base of the building is taken to be the origin of the coordinates, with upward the positive y-direction, what are the initial coordinates of the ball? (Use the following as necessary: y0.)
(b) With the positive x-direction chosen to be out the window, find the x- and y-components of the initial velocity.
(c) Find the equations for the x- and y- components of the position as functions of time. (Use the following as necessary: y0 and t. Let the variable t be measured in seconds.)
(d) How far horizontally from the base of the building does the ball strike the ground?

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