Acticities of Daily Living

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1. What are some of the factors that affect a patients ability to reenter the community?

A. Existence of suitable recreation activities

B. Support services and safety considerations

C. Availability of malls and shopping centers

D. Patients level of cognitive reasoning
(My Answer is B)

2. What is one of the psychosocial developments during the toddler/ preschool years ?

A. Child begins to develop a philosophy

B. Child still cant understand boundaries or limits

C. Child becomes more independent by imitating behaviors

D. Childs primary fear revolves around school
(My Answer is C)

3. The purpose of an on-site job evaluation is to

A. size up a patients coworkers and supervisor

B. Asses a patients ability to do a particular job

C. Help a patient avoid returning to the workplace

D. Make recommendations about other career opportunities
(Narrowed my answer to B and D)

4. To sit down in a chair , the patient should

A. Choose a moveable chair for mobility

B. use the arms of a chair for support before sitting.

C. move quickly to avoid accidents

D. First locate the chair with his or her arms then move the legs into position

(I narrowed my answer down to B and D)

5. When an occupational therapist creates a setting within the clinic much like the setting in which a patient works this is called

A. on-sit evaluation

B. safety assessment

C. homemaking task

D. simulated work setting
( My answer is D )

I would like to thank you in advance for helping me have a bless day

  • Acticities of Daily Living -

    1 and 2 -- I agree

    3. B

    4. D

    5. I agree.

  • Acticities of Daily Living -

    Than you Ms. Sue

  • Acticities of Daily Living -


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