Sepration chemistry

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Mixture of A,B,C if the mole fraction of A is 30 and B is 35 Volume percent calculate the mass and mole fraction of each compnant. given that A is methane, B is ethane, C is propane. use SI unit and English unit.

  • Sepration chemistry -

    Xa = 0.30
    Xb = 0.35
    Xc = 1.0-0.3-0.35 = 0.35

    Then Xa = 0.30*molar mass CH4
    Xb = 0.35*molar mass ethane
    Xc = 0.35* molar mass propane.

  • oops--Sepration chemistry -

    I just mislabeled the final results.
    grams = 0.30*molar mass CH4.
    grams = 0.35*molar mass ethane
    grams = 0.35*molar mass propane.

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