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1). Why is the Northeast one of the most heavily industrialized and urbanized areas?

2). How is the economy of the Midwest changing?

3). What helped the economy of the West to grow?

My answers to these questions are the following:

1). The Northeast is one of the most heavily industrialized and urbanized areas because the region's coastal and inland waters turned it into the heart of trade, commerce, and industry for the nation.

2). There are many factors which is causing the changing of the Midwest. First, the number of farms is declining. More Midwesterners are now employed in providing services than in traditional industries. The region's metropolitan areas are expanding as urban dwellers and businesses leave the central cities for the suburbs. People and industries are also moving to the warmer South ans West.

3). The West's growth in the 20th century was helped by air conditioning and by irrigation.

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    I agree with your first two answers. Your third answer is correct but incomplete.

  • Geography (Ms. Sue) -

    Please complete the third question.

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