posted by Bob

Okay, I'm in a calculus class but stuck on some's not crucial that I get the answer to this but I'm wracking my brain because I can't remember how the following is obtained; if you can show me how this is done in steps I'd greatly appreciate it (I highly suspect it's something simple):

y / (1 - y) = x

solving for y is (I don't know what is being done in between to solve for y):

y = x / (1 + x)

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this, thanks for your help in advance.

  1. Steve

    y / (1 - y) = x

    As usual, clear the fraction by multiplying by the denominator:

    y = x(1-y)

    Now expand to remove parentheses:

    y = x - xy

    Now collect the y's on one side:

    y+xy = x

    Factor out the y:

    y(1+x) = x

    I think you can probably make it from here, no?

  2. Bob

    Alright I got it thanks so much!!

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