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In a project, Mr Tung's daily wage was $100 more than Mr Pang's. Although Mr Tung worked 3 days less than Mr Pang, both of them earned $3600. Find the number of days Mr Tung worked in the project.

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    Find x, the days Mr. Tung has worked.
    Mr. Tung's daily wage is (3600/x).
    Mr. Pang's daily wage is (3600/x)-100.
    Mr. Pang worked (x+3) days.

    3600 = (3600/x -100)(x+3)

    Multiply by x/100:
    36x = (36-x)(3+x)

    Expand and rearrange into quadratic form. Then find the quadratic roots. At least one root will be the number of days Mr. Tung has worked.

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