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i need help in health subject for my son 5 grade

Question 1- connect suppose you have a cold. this affects your physical health. does if affect your mental,emotional,family, and social health, too? explain why or why not.

Question 2- practice healthful behaviors
Make a list of three risk behaviors. think of whys to change or replace each risk behavior with a healthful behavior. explain how these changes can benfit your health.

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    What do you think? I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    #4. i believe that the cold will affect my physical health, mental health, emotional health family and social health. i think that because this will affect the way how i act and it will also make weaker witch will affect my physical health. furthermore it will affect my family and social health because i will carry the cold along and pass it on to friends and family which will make them ill. also it will affect my mental and emotional health by making me think differently and act differently due the sideaffects of the cold i have. finally i believe that this is how it will affect my health.

    #5. the list of three risk behaviors i will change to make them beneficial health behaviors would be to stop eating unhealthy foods, fix my behavior, and to be more respectful to others. my new three health behaviors are eat healthier foods such as apples and other fruits and vegtables, next have a neat and role madeling posture as in to sitting up straight and not to slouch, after that i will respect my family teachers and peers. finally if i follow these new and improved health behaviors i will be on the train way to success and a healthy living.

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    For the risk behaviors, add washing your hands frequently and getting plenty of sleep. The rest of your answers are correct.

    Please learn to use appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

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