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The fifth and sixth grades at Oak Street School are having fair.There are 50 students total and 3/5 of the students are fifth grade students.How many fifth grade students are entered in science fair?

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    I'm pretty sure it goes something like:

    3/5 = 3➗5 (sorry if that's a box, it's supposed to be a division sign) = 0.6

    50*0.6= 30 5th grade students
    Another way to think about it is if the denominator is the same as the total, or simplified (if it is simplified, see how many times it goes into the total) just multiply/divide the total by the denominator and the numerator. Here is what I mean:

    3/5 = 30/50
    Total= 50 Students; Denominator= 50
    They are the same, so the numerator stays the same, and also since they are the same, the numerator is also the answer.
    5 goes into 50, 10 times.
    3/5 * 10/10 = 30/50
    Your answer is the numerator.

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