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Karen is 8 years old and Kate is 9 years old. What will Kate's age be when the total of the digits in both their ages is 17?

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    let it be x years from now

    8+x + 9+x
    = 2x + 17

    x -Karen-Kate-sum of their ages- sum of digits of that
    0 - 8 ----- 9 --- 17----------- 8
    1 - 9 ------10 -- 19-----------10
    2 - 10 -----11 -- 21-----------3
    3 - 11 -----12 -- 23 -----------5
    36 - 44 ----45 -- 89 -----------17

    When Karen is 44
    and Kate is 45
    sum of their ages is 89
    sum of the digits in both their ages is 17

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