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AP Chemistry

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Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)is prepared commercially from elemental sulfur using the contactprocess. In a typical sequence of reactions,the sulfur is first burned:S + O2→SO2,then it is converted to SO3 using a catalyst:2SO2+O2→2SO3.The resulting SO3 is reacted with water to produce the desired product:SO3+ H2O→H2SO4. How much sulfuric acid could be prepared
from 53 moles of sulfur?
Answer in units of g

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    S + O2→SO2
    SO3+ H2O→H2SO4

    1 mol S = 1 mol SO2
    2 mol SO2 = 2 mol SO3
    1 mol SO3 = 1 mol H2SO4
    Therefore, 2 mols S = 2 mol H2SO4 or
    1 mol S = 1 mol H2SO4

    Thus 53 mols S will produce 53 mol H2SO4. Convert mols to g. g = mols x molar mass.

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