Algebra-help please

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Please help me graph this
Absolute value x+1 inside absolute brackets -3<4

Where would this be on a graph line?

  • Algebra-help please -

    Not clear just what you mean, but if it's

    |x+1| - 3 < 3
    |x+1| < 6

    Then either x+1 >= 0 (x >= 1) and
    x+1 < 6
    x < 5

    or x+1 < 0 (x < -1) and

    -(x+1) < 6
    -x < 7
    x > -7

    So, we have

    -7 < x < -1 or -1<=x<5
    that is,

    -7 < x < 5

  • Algebra-help please -

    original problem was <4 at the end not <3....thanks for your help...It was hard to explain.

  • Algebra-help please -

    Oops. My bad. Make the change and solve again. The key is to solve for the two cases where the expression in || is positive or negative.

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