posted by jan

But I am getting more and more confused. -3-3x=-9????? and x/6=-24 but the there is a negative sign like x
- - =-24
I know I am over thinking this,but I am confusing myself on these two???

  1. Steve

    forget all the extra minus signs, and just follow the usual steps:

    -3-3x = -9
    add 3 to get the x's on one side
    -3-3x+3 = -9+3
    -3x = -6
    now divide by the coefficient of x:

    -3x/-3 = -6/-3
    x = 2

    Or, you could have just multiplied everything by -1 to start with:

    -3-3x = -9
    3+3x = 9

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