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if 8 men can do a job in days, what is the percentage increase in number of days required to do the job when 2 men are released?

not just an answer please.

A.16 2/3%
C. 33 1/3%

  • math -

    6 men is 3/4 of 8 men
    So, they can only do 3/4 as much work in a day.
    So, it takes 4/3 as many days, or

  • math -

    suppose it took n days
    number of man-days = 8n

    if done by 6 men
    number of days = 8n/6 = 4n/3

    change in days = 4n/3 - n = (1/3)n

    percentage change = (1/3)n / n = 1/3 or 33 1/3%

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